The Joyzine Advent Calendar #4: 24 Days of Free Music Downloads

What with it being the fourth day of this year’s Joyzine Advent Calendar, we thought we’d treat you to not one, not two nor even three but four fantastic festive treats today, and following yesterday’s gift from Joyzine’s very own Andrew Wolfman and his band West Midlands, we’re keeping it in the family once more with a quadrilogy of tracks from occasional Joyzine scribe Peter Richard Adams.

peter with rosie

Never one to rest on his laurels, Pete has this year, alongside his Joyzine writing, written a sci-fi comedy podcast series (Pod to Pluto – check it out) and released three albums with three different bands, as well as reforming yet another band for a performance at the Worcester Music Festival.  Today we have tracks from all four outfits – we’ll let Pete introduce them himself:

PETER WITH ROSIE – ‘Woods of Winter’
My wife Rosie and I really enjoy Christmas and after our debut album Christmas in the Market Towns hit higher numbers than we ever expected we thought we’d do a follow up. Nine Lessons: A Christmas Album is out now. It’s pretty bleak but we hope it finds a home in festive hearts.

Here’s Rosie breaking hearts and minds with the yuletide folk horror of ‘Woods of Winter’.

HEY YOU GUYS! – ‘Hair On Fire’
HEY YOU GUYS! are back! We even – finally! – released our second album Difficult Second Album. I’m extraordinarily proud of it and was incredibly proud to take to the stage again for the first time in two years. We’re hoping to get on tour again in the 2020 with a brand new EP and a bit of fire back in our bellies. Here’s ‘Hair on Fire’ from the album.

PETER RICHARD ADAMS – ‘Castle Greyskull (Smelling of Whiskey)’
The summer of 2019 was the year I finally decided to put out a record under my own name. It was oddly scary as I’ve always had bands (or at least a moniker) to hide behind before. ‘Oh No… It’s Block’ is available now via all the streaming stuff you’ve come to know and love, as is my Halloween song ‘This is Halloween’.  For now though, here’s a special little song I recorded especially for the Joyzine calendar – ‘Castle Greyskull (Smelling of Whiskey)’

EVILWITCH – ‘Ship Went Down’
After seven years, no one was more surprised than the band itself to find Evilwitch back on stage in 2019 – and with a new EP too! We were really quite moved by the response and there are plans to get back together in 2020.

Here’s ‘Ship Went Down’ from The Opposite of Art EP.

See you in 2020! Have a very merry Christmas!
Pete xxx

Download all four tracks (right click to download)

All of the tracks on The Joyzine Advent Calendar are completely free to download without any need to sign up, and if that fills you with the spirit of giving, why not make a donation to our chosen charity Crisis to help with the excellent work they do supporting homeless people in Britain.

Check back every day until Christmas Eve for more free festive musical gifts or check the links below to catch up on what you may have missed so far.

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