The Joyzine Rock Mock Election: Sisteray Want Your Vote

With the general election looming on the horizon and the candidates slinging mud in all directions amidst allegations of using the murder of innocent civilians for politcal gain, we thought we’d contact some of our favourite bands to see if they could do any better.  So far David Devant & His Spirit Wife have pledged a politics based on kindness, while MJ Hibbett promised us robot doctors.  This week it’s the turn of London punk upstarts Sisteray, whose new single ‘All Boys Club’ tackles the seemingly impenetrable elitism of the politcal class.

Party name: The First Chapter of Great Expeditions Party

Party logo:


Campaign slogan: Never listen to Coldplay 

What is your policy on…

Brexit: We stand with the Monster Raving Loony party when they say get Noel Edmunds to negotiate brexit as he’s good as deal or no deal.

The Environment: Let’s keep it (i.e. stopping ruining the planet). Less plastic is good.

Health: Get your grubby hands off our NHS!! We should be charging Donald Trump for even mentioning the NHS. It saved our Dan’s life, so the world is obviously a better place for it.

Crime: Music videos don’t cause crimes, circumstances do. Let’s look into the reasons people turn to crime in the first place and we might actually have a chance of reducing it.

Education: Education should be free for everyone. Abolish tuition fees and let’s give everybody an equal chance of a good education.

Sisteray’s new single ‘All Boys Club’ is out now.  The band play at Seasons Bar in the marginal seat of Chingford / Woodford Green on Wednesday 4th December alongside The Blinders, Couples and Cross Wires and political speakers and guests as part of the ‘For The Many’ tour.  Full details here.

Sadly you won’t be able to put your cross next to Sisteray in the General Election, but you can find a full list of candidates standing in your constituency on the Electoral Commission website.

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