Live Review: Frauds, Peach Club + The Eurosuite at The Victoria, Dalston

We’ve been watching Frauds’ steady rise with great interest over the past few years, from performing the bawdy behind the bikesheds anarchy of early songs like ‘Fuck Fuck Goose’ to a handful of mates in a Croydon pub backroom to packing out established London circuit venues like The Victoria tonight with a new set of tunes that, while often just as saucy, conceal layers of biting satire just below the surface.

Before we get onto any of that though, we’ve the intriguing prospect of debutants The Eurosuite, who also feature a few familiar faces from post-hardcore favourites USA Nails.  Whipping up a pleasingly fuzzy synth-punk drone, we’ll be watching closely to see how this band develops.

The Eurosuite at The Victoria (11) (Large)

Norfolk four-piece Peach Club are next up, and despite claims from the band of ring rust at their first show of 2020, their riot grrrl invective is sharp, on point and a hell of a lot of fun.

Peach Club at The Victoria (3) (Large)

Headliners Frauds have dispensed with almost all of the songs from debut album With Morning Toast & Jam & Juice, with only firm crowd favourite ‘Sandwiches’ surviving in a set that gives us a tantalising glimpse of what to expect from the duo’s forthcoming follow-up.  Hampered only momentarily by a disobedient bass amp, they rattle, rumble, stalk and glide through a new collection of songs that, while familiar to existing fans with their fuzzy, stop-start post-hardcore and wry screamed/spoken/crooned vocals, seem just that little bit leaner, sharper and more cunning than before.  My personal highlight is the joyous thrash of ‘Copenhagen’, and if it’s not picked up by the Danish tourist board for their next promotional campaign, someone should be getting sacked.  They finish telling us that this will be their last London show before the album launch, we can’t wait to hear what they have in store for us.

Review and Photography by Paul Maps

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