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The DIY music scene is only made possible by the bands, labels, promoters, venues and blogs willing to devote their time and energy into making and sharing music for negligible (if any) financial recompense, so it’s always good to highlight a kindred spirit and give each other some support.  Infinite Pop Underground is one such undertaking – a gig night at Dalston’s George Tavern accompanied by a podcast and printed zine packed with interviews, illustrations and even a crossword.  We caught up with promoter Roy Clutterbuck and the bands playing their latest installment on 21st March.

Roy: The Infinite Pop Underground is a network of mutually-supporting music makers and music lovers. We are researching and mapping the London DIY music scene in a bid to make it more transparent and accessible. We organise gigs, we sing, we dance, make zines and podcasts. Connect with us on the internet or come down to one of our gigs and say hi.

Breakup Haircut

Breakup Haircut

High-energy, high-spirited pop-punk, sometimes a little bit spooky, always a joy, Breakup Haircut are going to deliver a knock-out headline set. Rumours that they have some news songs to try out have now been confirmed!

They say: “The DIY scene means a lot to us; it’s where we started. Without First Timers, there’s no way we’d have met – or got the strong start we did. We got our second in-London gig off the back of that, and things snowballed from there. We’re truly grateful to people for giving us a chance. The DIY scene’s camaraderie is definitely why we’ve been able to bond with other bands and play more shows.”

Breakup Haircut Recommend: ‘A Little Death’ by The Beths

Queen Colobus

Queen Colobus

Queen Colobus is a 4-piece band led by alto saxophonist and vocalist, Beth Hopkins. Having played together in different bands in Southampton, they found that they liked making weird sounds at each other, with or without instruments, and formed a musical alliance within the London jazz scene.

They say: “The importance of community within music cannot be highlighted enough, and so for us to be involved in such a thriving mutually-supportive DIY scene through this gig is an absolute privilege.”

Listen: you’ll have to wait for it, first single ‘Easy Now’ is released on 20th March.

Queen Colobus Recommend: ‘VI II V’ by Jelly Cleaver – absolute tune!

Pop Miri (Large)
Photo by Jack Tennant

Pop Miri

Where dream pop meets art rock – waves of dreamy consciousness melodically rise, cresting with a raw and honest voice before crashing down in shimmering lo-fi artful noises.

They say:  “Like a lot of the bands that play with IPU, we’re just stepping out onto the London music scene and so we’re really fluid to being shaped by the people and creativity around us. Everyone moves together, responds to each other, recapitulates one another… Community is so important for that, and IPU are just like “Hey, come on in. Share this space with us. Try something.” It’s really cosy.”

Pop Miri recommend: ‘Whole’ by Rubie

Infinite Pop Underground:
Breakup Haircut + Queen Colobus + Pop Miri
Disco: DJ Ammo and IPU DJs – 3am
Saturday 21st March
The George Tavern, 373 Commercial Rd, Stepney Green, London E1 0LA
Tickets: £7 on door, £6 advance:

Check out the Infinite Pop Underground Podcast: #1 Jelly Cleaver

For the first ever Infinite Pop Underground podcast we talk to the London singer, guitarist, songwriter, producer Jelly Cleaver. Jelly headlined an IPU gig we put on last year at DIY Space For London and has helped us curate the Saturday 21st March gig. Jelly talks about balancing her musical life between the jazz and punk world, berets, playing wembley, recording her latest album The Dream Jazz Manifesto, Angela Davis, freedom, activism, community, and offers us some tips on building the Infinite Pop Underground.

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