Do you ever have those moments where you hear something, and it just reinforces your love for music? Or you’ll hear something, and it will just smack you in the face with how exceptional it is? Well, that’s what you’re going to get with Chloe Glover’s debut EP, Dark Matter. Dark Matter consists of four songs that will break your heart with how beautifully honest they are, and how unafraid she is to be this honest and open. Not only is she a brilliant singer, but her song writing is something else too. She is a proper storyteller, and again it’s another reason as to why she’s just incredible.

 The EP starts with the heartstring tugging, ‘Fool’. This is the more mellow track on the EP, but even in the calmness of this song you can truly hear the sheer power in her voice. Her voice is everything you’d want from a singer- it cracks in the right places, and that’s when you truly pick up on how vital these songs are, and how much dedication and care has gone into this record. I’ve listened to the EP a few times this evening, and with every listen I am finding something new to love and appreciate about the record. For me, it is always about the lyrics and whatever comes next will hit me. Chloe’s way with words are to the point and unapologetically honest. Fool is the perfect way to start the EP, but what comes next will just blow your mind.

 ‘Get Back Up’ is THE ONE. This is the one I’m obsessed with; it’s such a relatable song, and you just know that when this is performed live it will blow the roof off. It’s pretty difficult to put into words just how magnificent this song is, but it’s the sheer honesty in this song that will break and fix your heart. It is really one of those songs that you know you just have to see live because on record, her voice is incredible but you can just tell that when this is done live it will take on a whole new meaning. You can imagine everyone in the room with their arms around each other, holding lukewarm cans of beer whilst belting out the words. It’s an exceptional song, and everything about it just blows you away. For me, this is the one where we truly hear just how strong Chloe’s vocals are and I think for those who have never heard her music before, this will be the one that makes them become obsessed and rightfully so.

 I’m playing Dark Matter loud enough to drown out the pissing rain and wind outside, but to be honest it’s probably the best way to listen to this record. The louder you play this record, the better it sounds- and you can truly hear the strength in Chloe’s voice on ‘Hurricane’. I’m all for music being played loud, and there is something really magical about playing ‘Hurricane’, and all of Dark Matter as loud as possible. I adore how the songs flow perfectly into each other. I love how we are gently introduced to the EP on Fool and by the time you get to ‘Silver Linings’, we are exposed to this grand and strong voice that makes you feel like you are listening to someone who is on their 5th release- not their debut EP. If this is what we get on one EP, imagine what is to come! I’m so excited to hear more from Chloe, because what she has done on Dark Matter is something to treasure. Pay close attention to the lyrics on ‘Silver Linings’- they are so, so important and so comforting.

  I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if Chloe was headlining festivals and the like soon because this kind of talent needs to be heard anywhere and everywhere. Manchester may be her adoptive city now, but the world needs to hear her music and to truly experience everything she puts into her art.

 The launch show for Dark Matter is happening next Friday (20th which is also the EP release date) at Gullivers in Manchester. Tickets are running low, and you can buy them right here. She will also be playing the Manchester Punk Festival on the 24th April.

Review by Olivia Cellamare

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