Single Review: Scrounge – Starve

‘Starve’ is taken from the 4-track EP Ideal released in October 2019 on the Fierce Panda label. It’s positively laid back in comparison to the storm force of ‘Purpose’, the last Scrounge single I reviewed for Joyzine.

Joyzine editor Paul Maps interviewed them recently for the Joyzine Radio Show #37 podcast and they talked about ‘Starve’ as their “longest standing song” played live and that it was written as something to be “different to the ‘louder and shoutier’ things in their set”. ‘Starve’ is like a sorbet in their live show; a chance to hear what a fine voice Lucy has: gently powerful with acres of character. But don’t think this is Scrounge letting you off lightly because, although there is a sweet rolling riff and roiling drums, there is also the brooding menace of punched in low chords and splashing cymbals that encase the track like a vortex. In the moments where they abate you feel like you have punched through dark clouds to be given a brief moment of glorious sunlight.

By all means enjoy ‘Starve’ as a standalone track but I would urge you to seek out the EP to get the full Scrounge experience. They will boom, crash, twitch, fuzz and frack your head to release all the dopamine, and you’ll thank them afterwards. It’s a testament to the mad-skills of producer Sam Miller who has managed to capture the band’s energy and vitality a task I imagine is like trying to put an electrified  wild stallion into a china shop without breaking anything.

The Ideal EP is available on Bandcamp and if you’re quick you can also pick up the limited edition cassette version and if you follow them you’ll get up to date information on other forthcoming releases and live dates and, having seen them play with label mates Italia 90, I can attest to the phenomenal power this two-piece can produce, and how thrilling they are to see live.

Review by Paul F Cook

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