Single Review: Play Dead – Whitstable

Although we are currently advised not to head to the seaside, Play Dead‘s new single ‘Whitstable’ is easily the next best thing. The trio from South London have just released their debut single, and it is well worth a listen.

They have received a positive reception from multiple music outlets, including a listing on Amazon Music as one of ‘The Best New Bands’. In just over a week, they achieved 2000 streams on Spotify.

A quintessentially British track with elements of both punk and brit-pop reminds me of a grittier version of The Cure. It’s incredible to see the youth still connecting with punk music. They perfectly summarise what it is to be a teenager on Whitstable beach over the summer, even if it is just for a holiday. As someone from the Kent coast myself, this song brings back many memories from my adolescence, spending summer evenings on the beach. They perfectly capture the primary demographic of Whitstable- pensioners and teenagers on the beach having fun.

The track is incredibly catchy, which is surprising for a song that lasts under two minutes with lyrics are simple, yet punchy, with almost cockney vocals. The guitar riff is distinctive as well as energetic, making this track one to rock out in the garden to (preferably with a drink in your hand).

I very much look forward to seeing what Play Dead create next as this track is now on my everyday playlist. Go check them out on Instagram and Spotify for performance dates and to see what they will achieve next.

Review by Skye Fitzpatrick

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