Track by Track: Play Dead guide us through their new EP ‘Skint’

Teenage South London punk trio Play Dead caught our attention last year with their debut single ‘Whitstable‘, a perfect collision of 20th century UK independendent music styles with traces of The Clash, The Cure and the best bits of Britpop running through its veins. They’re back today with a new EP, Skint, which brings us more deadpan tales of apathy, excess and dicking about with your mates set to a rollicking punk soundtrack.

We caught up with lead singer Joe for a track by track guide to the EP.

Hide is a conflicted song, written one hungover morning about the times where your mind wants you to do everything, but your body is telling you no, just stay in bed and watch more Jeremy Kyle. 

Skint was written in 10 minutes just before a rehearsal. We rarely have any money of our own because as soon as we get any form of cash it is blown straight away at the off licence. Highly influenced by Slaves. 

Shaun is Ollie’s nan’s boyfriend, a gentle giant with a short fuse who got arrested for punching a man off his bike in Brixton. It was only over a coffee cup. He enjoys pies, pints and Coldplay. If he ever knew we wrote this song about him, he’d kill us. 

Brockwell Park is about a local park near to our houses and we all used to go to every day in the summer and get up to all sorts. The song depicts accurately what teenagers get up to in their spare time; Drinking cheap beer, smoking fags and taking narcotics. 

The Drip is about excess, very influenced by The Chats, and the type of person who you would see in Brockwell Park on a warm day in July. 

Skint EP is out today via Blitzcat Records on all the usual streaming platforms and as a digital download.

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Introduction by Paul Maps
Photograph by Marieke Hulzinga:

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