If you’ve ever tried to put too much in a suitcase and bits keep popping out and when you poke those back in another bit pops out, then that’s what listening to Pushpins new single ‘Apples’ is like. It’s a joyous cascade of beats that feel like it might unravel but never does. Despite this being about “returning to a past environment which now feels cold and unfamiliar” there is sunshine packed into the track; a real feeling of African Highlife music with its repetitive loops and a bubbling tune that bounces between monotone and leaping high points. The acapella section is also an unexpected delight and worth the second, third and fourth listen alone.

‘Apples’ is a body-popping summer shower or like trying to stage a modern dance show in a bouncy castle. It’s a well-balanced even sum of its odd parts and if you throw back the curtains and find it’s sunny outside then pop this on the Bluetooth speaker and dance yourself from kettle to teapot to toaster with the power of Pushpin to compel you.

Pushpin are:

vocals + guitars + bloops: arthur / synths + pans + melodies in 13: adam / drums + samples + pith: laurence / bass + vocals + microwave: Ed

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Review by Paul F Cook

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