AK/DK have given Joyzine the honour of premiering their new single ‘Feeds’ which is the third release from their forthcoming album Shared Particles.

‘Feeds’ kicks off with a ‘Danger, Will Robinson!’ synth-claxon that listeners should take as a warning that their body will soon be controlled by the sheer Pied Piper dance-force of AK/DK’s music. Once the drums kick in hips may begin to wiggle, arms might flail, heads could nod and legs are likely to spontaneously jerk into life and propel you to a clear area so you can coordinate them all into a giddy dance-celebration of their mighty beats. It’s like the test the Doctor performs where they hit your knee with a hammer and your leg can’t help but shoot out.

AKDK-Feeds Digital Single Sleeve

Synths swell and warp, treated vocals offer anthemic chants and drums drive this tom-tom juggernaut through anything in its path (often brilliantly mirroring the meter of the line “They call it never-ending”). In the same way The Chemical Brothers mix beats and electronics to create an elemental force that makes audiences go nuts so AK/DK could turn a wet Monday morning into a Friday night warehouse party. They are also masters of the drop; so much so that and if you look up the word drop in the dictionary it should have a picture of the band.

AKDK-Live PIC.jpeg

AK/DK became one of my favourite bands after hearing Patterns and Harmonics back in 2017 and having seen them live they deliver a powerful live show so I hope it’s not too long now before they can tour these new songs. The album Shared Particles is released on 28th August and if you follow them on their Bandcamp page you should get notified when it’s possible to pre-order. But for now, clear a space, turn the volume up, push play and let ‘Feeds’ whip you up into a terpsichorean frenzy.

Review by Paul F Cook




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