Single Review: Dorcha – Monkey Dust

On 6th November 2020 Birmingham’s beloved left-field luminaries Dorcha release their latest LP Honey Badger on Box Records. Dorcha are a genre-fluid and versatile group with a defiant attitude to experimentation which transports listeners to a pool of shifting, psychedelic song-writing. 

Honey Badger is being released in collabroation with Geoff Barrow (Portishead/Beak)’s infamous label Invada Records and it is a delicious collection of old school synths and analogue effects. Not only this, the band have embarked on a multi-dimensional collaboration with a host of visual artists to curate a feature-length film which will be presented around the full vinyl and digital release on Box Records on November 6th.

First single off the LP is the hypnotic ‘Monkey Dust’ and it’s out now.

The song is absolutely indescribable and mental, exactly what I love about listening to new music. It’s bonkers, but not silly. It sounds like Cocteau Twins having a scrap with Melt Banana, with Bjork as the ref. The electronic beat/squelch is infectious and combines with the deafening distorted and discordant guitars just beautifully. It takes you on a journey that, half way through, you’re unsure you’ll be able to complete. This is just sublime noise making and a brilliant introduction to the rest of the LP.

Review by Ioan Humphreys

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