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Single Review: Judy Brush – Hot Tub

‘Hot Tub’ is the debut single from new act Judy Brush. Judy Brush AKA Anna Palmer is by no means a stranger to the pages of Joyzine with myself having had the pleasure of reviewing Anna’s previous band Dorcha’s single ‘Monkey Dust’ here. The impossible to pigeonhole single was an impressive and deliciously mental track. So, when Anna got in touch regarding her latest project, it was a given we’d give it a listen!

Judy Brush is currently opening shows for Pigs, Pigs, Pigs, Pigs, Pigs, Pigs, Pigs, on their UK tour and according to Judy herself, “’Hot Tub’ is the first offering of dirge-pop birthed from deep within the loins of Judy Brush. Solo producer/performer Judy Brush makes tunes of defiant avant-pop. Psychedelic, hip shaking rock and roll. With the odd punk disco thrown in. A desperado clinging on to the realest of real with tape cassette in hand. Take your stone-cold turkey twizzlers to the floor baby and loosen them up a little.”

Wow. Yes!!

To say this track is intense from the start would be a massive understatement. Slow burning. Gorgeous vocals. Guitar strings attacked and buzzing against the frets high up in the mix. Just brilliant. Brush’s voice is superb. Sultry, yet dangerous, so don’t be fooled.

Once the electronic drums and the overlaying of noise and heavy overdubs come in, you realise you have been unsuspectedly sucked into one of THE most powerful and all-encompassing 2.32 minutes I’ve experienced for a long time. I bloody love this track. More of this please!

Judy Brush on Instagram

Review by Ioan Humphreys

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