Single Review: DEADLETTER – Fit for Work

DEADLETTER hail from Yorkshire, although now they are South London based. September saw the release of their second single ‘Fit For Work’, which follows the release of debut single ‘Good Old Day’ in May this year.

Starting with a tight as fuck beat driven by slick drum and bass. The lyrics come in describing the conditions of disparate people who are obviously in front of the DWP PIP assessments. Every word is pronounced perfectly and projected with an intention and message that the band doesn’t want to lose. The repetition of ‘Fit For Work’ is absolutely infectious, and once it comes to the final third of the track, the instrumentation has reached a crescendo and the call to arms is plain to see.

Throughout this, (I’m sorry) absolute fucking masterpiece, we have the squealing saxophone skronk which just adds to the sonic brilliance of these 3.19. Following in the footsteps of brilliant recent post-punk/punk bands such as Egyptian Blue, Swine Tax, Austerity, Girls in Synthesis and Bad Breeding, DEADLETTER are yet another addition to the aural vanguard of the fight for equality, fairness and dignity in the current UK.

Just absolutely brilliant stuff from DEADLETTER and I can’t wait to hear more from this fearless and clever band.

Review by Ioan Humphreys

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