‘Blush’ starts with a chainsaw whine morphing into a wire wool guitar riff that scours the base of this track. The riff is doubled on the bass and the drums dance around the riff like a dog that’s just been let off the lead. You would think this kind of granite foundation needs screaming vocals from a dark metal track but you would be wrong as Beach Riot lay on a delicious fondant fancy of a tune with a thick icing of harmonies and falsetto notes. But it’s at 1 minute 7 seconds that the world gets knocked off its axis and the song introduces a rumbling low that had earthworms up out of the ground and grooving like paid nightclub dancers.

I only heard this song for the first time today but am convinced it’s going to be a contender for one of my tracks of the year (I’ve just listened to it over 20 times in a row and it’s made me smile every time). As if that wasn’t enough Beach Riot are selling this with their own limited release raspberry craft beer. Good music and good beer; what a damn fine combination and if they had thrown in dessert or cheeseboard, I might have gone ring shopping.

You can listen to ‘Blush’ and order the beer here – there are only 50* of these raspberry craft beers up for grabs and it also comes with a die cut Beach Riot sticker, mini tour poster and single download.

*technically 49 as I just bought mine.

Review by Paul F Cook

Beach Riot are:

Rory O’Connor (guitars, vocals)

Cami Menditeguy (guitar and vocals)

Jim Faulkner (bass and vocals)

Jonny Ross (drums)

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