Album Review: Rich Keeble & The More Accomplished Musicians – I Hope Every Special Day You Have Is Ruined in Some Way

It’s a warm but crisp autumn morning, my window lets in the scent of burnt leaves, which mixes perfectly with a smell of fresh coffee. I sit down in a big, comfy armchair for a listen of the newest release from Rich Keeble & The More Accomplished Musicians.

I immediately get teleported to the year 2000. I wear baggy clothes and hang out at every concert in town because music is everywhere, and it pumps life into my sleepy hometown. I sit down on the carpet in my living room, fire up a pirate disc of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 and I feel fucking good.

It’s no coincidence I mention Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 game, as the album bursts with energy comparable to the legendary game soundtrack.  ‘It’s Different (When It’s Your Own)’ opens up the release with a kick-ass, rebellious piece of punkery and makes you whip your head in a musical frenzy. ‘Fell Down The Ramp (At East Croydon Station)’ hits us with an uplifting tone, delivered by a seemingly mundane story of a regular day in London. Except for the fall, of course.

We then jump straight back into tunes worthy of Sex Pistols, through ‘Hairstyle (By Hairloss)’, an ode embracing your hair loss, and then the slower ‘Let’s Turn Down The Heat (On The Thermostat)’. We can only imagine how hot the room must have been while listening to the witty lyrics and a spicy sauce of guitar play.

The album then strays into a hilarious, but bitter ‘Fran N’Acey (You’re A C T)’, which takes us back to every heartbreak we ever experienced with a folky duet. The lyrics (“I hope that every special day you have is ruined in some way, Like you find out on your honeymoon your new husband is gay”) are relatable in every way and make us reminisce about every worst possible thing we could wish upon our dickhead ex.

We then dive into ‘Pierogi (In The Summertime)’, to which my Polish roots relate to on a different level. The culinary special rings through the chorus like a warm memory of a relationship past, with a happy riff. Jehova’s Witnesses make a comeback in vivid lyrics and get hit by a punchy guitar solo. Next comes ‘Sorry (I Didn’t Get The Advert)’, with White Stripes-like sass and pacing.

‘I’ve Got No Sense Of Directions’ hits back at us with a racy punk piece about losing your shit, and shit you lose while listening, but in a very good way.  The next track is ‘Dorota’, a bitter-sweet piece, which slows down the pace, just to cool us down a little. ‘Kids Have It Easy (These Days)’, on the other hand, picks the tracklist up with a funky riff. Words spoken, not sung, by Rich depict how pissed off he is with the modern world.

The album is crowned by the choir-like ‘He’ll Be More Careful’, where all of the musicians join forces singing, in an attempt to make that heartbroken dude remember the lessons he learnt. And perhaps to mind the gap at East Croydon next time.

Despite my sentiment towards this album, the release itself is far from sentimental and mixes the joys of mundane reality with the despair of a man scorned. I loved the storytelling of each piece, along with the incredibly energetic accompaniment of The More Accomplished Musicians. As awful as it is to say, sometimes one’s pain can nurture the best of one’s hysterically funny nature and, in the process, give birth to something like I Hope Every Special Day You Have Is Ruined In Some Way.

I Hope Every Special Day You Have Is Ruined In Some Way is the second album by Rich Keeble & The More Accomplished Musicians and is out now via My Telephone Voice Records.

Review by Aggie Jaworska

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