Single Review: Baby Strange – More! More! More!

Baby Strange are a three-piece indie-punk band hailing from Glasgow, Scotland. Comprising of Johnny Madden (vocalist/guitarist) and two brothers, Connaire McCann (drums) and Aiden McCann (bass). Their Wikipedia page claims that the trio have been friends for years since meeting at a Christian-rock summer camp in Latvia (though the band have since debunked this story). They have had nearly a decade of making music together since they formed the band in 2012. They have played festivals such as Reading and Leeds Festival, T in the Park and Wickerman. They have supported Slaves and been on tour with Jamie T and back in 2013 achieved NME’s prestigious title of Best New Band.

Back in 2015, Baby Strange also started their own club night at The Priory in Glasgow and The Old Blue Last in London, called Club Sabbath. A whole stream of bands and artists have flooded through the doors since it started. This experience and influence that only comes from listening to a great deal of live music, really shines through in this new track.

More! More! More! by baby Strange, via. Icons Creating Evil Art

‘More! More! More!’ is their first release since the band signed with the Swedish independent indie label Icons Creating Evil Art, with the music video and recording for this single taking place in their studio in Stockholm. This single shows the band honing their craft and putting forward some music that really shows their band identity.

‘More! More! More!’ is a loud, vibrant track. Think: Gang of Four meets Artic Monkeys goes on a few dates and has a baby called The Smiths. You’re in a dark high-ceilinged local venue. Everyone in the place is dancing and the band are going wild with their guitars on the smoke-lit stage. A guy beside you headbanging like his life depends on it screams the lyrics in your ear. After one plastic pint glass of IPA, which you’ve mainly sloshed over your hands and the floor, you find yourself finally losing it and diving into the pit that’s raging in front of you.

It sees vocalist and guitarist Johnny Madden reflecting upon time spent listening through “paper thin walls” to neighbour’s house parties comprising of terrible music and self-centered chat. A comment on someone “moving in the wrong direction” and losing control of themselves and their life. “Wasting all their money” on class As and house parties. A stark reminder that you can probably achieve a lot in life if you stop getting totally wasted at the weekend.

The sound levels are crisp and auditorily very nice. The spicy pace of the drums and guitar work together to send you into a real dancing frenzy the more times you hear it. Its got the foundations to be a post-punk track of 2020 and opens the door a crack to keep people guessing the flavour of their next album.

‘More! More! More!’ Is due for release by Icons Creating Evil Art on 11th December 2020.

Also check out Land of Nothing Tour, the band’s biggest tour to date set for June 2012. Baby Strange will be headed to 13 places across England, Ireland and Scotland.

Article by, Jessica Milner

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