Video Premiere: Animal Noise – Make it Better

This alternative rock trio hailing from Colchester in Essex have been melding, growing and evolving. Their sound bouncing from hypnotic gypsy punk to indie alt-rock. They surprise you with every new release, while keeping the core soul that makes Animal Noise such a great live act and a Spotify playlist staple.

Josh Sandifer (singer, songwriter and guitarist) has been the constant of the group since it first began. Joined by Matt Hailes (bass) and Nathan Marley (drums), the three of them together have a unique sound. They haven’t lost their folky punk-rock roots but in this new track they have something else, an almost shoegazing vibe.

The track ‘Make it Better’ comes from Animal Noise’s second album, Fever Tree. Which was released earlier in 2020. Josh joined forces with Rubber Jaw’s Michael Hemmings to produce this track in a converted garage. Before George Perks (Doves, Maximo Park, Mallory Knox) added the finishing touches over at Vada Studios. One thing is for sure – this one’s to dance to.

The song starts slow, simple and atmospheric. The light guitar and percussion seep into the ethereal sounds emanating from Josh Sandifer’s mouth. His face is serene, and thoughtful. His voice reassuring and caring. It’s one big build up that magnetically pulls you in and onwards. The lyrics and the music act like dominoes. The chomping drums and spanking bass pushing the song forwards, as Josh sings “I want to make it right. I want to make it better”. His voice gaining momentum, pleading for respite from the worry and “tired eyes”. The more he says the words, the more they lose their meaning until, by the end of the track it’s almost like a fevered mantra. The calm serenity at the start of the song has gone and been replaced by a deep energy, like a butterfly burning up in a candle flame.

The video is a colourful and hypnotic, kaleidoscope of shadows. Sharon Salzberg’s quote; “Life is like an ever-shifting kaleidoscope – a slight change, and all patterns alter” is potent within this song. Life and relationships can be seen from all angles. With a bit of colour and glitter, you can make it look beautiful, or dark, or hollow. With a gentle twist, anything can happen. We are always trying to make it better, sometimes it’s possible, sometimes not. One thing is for sure, life and love are never an easy ride.

It’s nice to see such a deep message conveyed so naturally. The three elements – lyrics, instruments and visuals are not just connected but are almost symbiotic with each other. It is this clever artistry that makes Animal Noise such an excellently symphonious band.

We are excited to have the video premiere right here on JoyZine:

‘Make it Better’ is out now via. Lucky Records.

Animal Noise plan to tour in 2021, after they had to postpone their album, Fever Dream, promo tour earlier this year.

Article by Jess Milner
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