Video Premiere: Fiji Mermaids – Seasick

This new video by Fiji Mermaids combines eerie visuals with synthesized sounds and reverberating melodies.

Their name comes from an infamous sideshow artifact that comprised of a monkey’s head sewn atop of the back end of a fish. It perfectly represents the morphing, spectral sounds they create in their most recently released track.

Seasick is the new sound birthed from longtime musical duo, Josh Sandifer (vocal and instrumentalist) and Jack Abbott (drums). Their eclectic influences travel from Alex Cameron to Iggy Pop, Soft Hair, Little Dragon and badbadnotgood inspired drumbeats.

Using technology, Fiji Mermaids have formed a band amid the chaos and been releasing socially distant music. Jack records the resonating drums and sends them over to Sandifer. Who then warps them into songs ‘using science and computers’. Allowing the pair to create and relate through the most claustrophobic of times.

The video for Seasick is an exploration into life and death. The release coming bang when we are all feeling the same thing – ‘When will this ever end?’. We are being held at needle point and constantly left in the dark. Our feelings give way to damaged eyes from constant laptop screens and the pain inside that comes from lack of human contact, like an ever-revolving door that we are trying, and failing, to leap out of. The whole year has turned into a flashing attack on our freedoms while we hide feeling ‘seasick’ on our sofas.

The visuals of the track are all clips from horror films such as Night of the Living Dead, Carnival of Souls and House on Haunted Hill. It sticks to being nearly monochrome throughout with only a tinge of the colour of life that manifests when you see a kaleidoscope of keyboards playing synthesized melodies. Perhaps a nod to Animal Noise’s ‘Make it Better’ video that we premiered in December.

Each character depicted in the video has Sandifer’s mouth superimposed over their own as he possesses them like a minstrel of doom and uses them for his own ends. Declaring the lyrics and merging them with synthesized sounds. He makes you listen;

“The TV hurts my eyes, can’t look at anything bright.
Makes me weary, like I’m frayed at the edges.
I’ve got a hot molten core ready to blow.”

The lyrics were inspired by Polly Preacher. An artist, also with Lucky Listen Records, who features in the chorus of the track. She was feeling down amidst the angst of lockdown and voiced her feelings to Sandifer who, true to his nature, took out a pencil and turned them into this uncomfortable yet relatable, twenty first century monster-mash of a track.

We are pleased to announce the premiere of Seasick right here on JoyZine. Check it out below:

Seasick is available via. Lucky Listen Records on 22nd February 2021

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