Interview: Goat Girl on new album ‘On All Fours’

Verging on a decade of being together, going through the motions, and experiencing life as teenagers. Witnessing the social and mental injustices upon our generation, not just by ‘The Man’, but from ourselves too. There’s no shortness of inspiration on any street you walk, in our little metropolis on this funny island we call London Town. As Ellie explains, “Growing up in a city, being on the doorstep of where the government is situated, feeling as though you’re quite close to politics and especially its corruption, in a systematic way. There’s a lot of darkness to the city that you become aware of living here, especially where we’ve grown up there are a lot of people sleeping rough, all this has definitely contributed and influenced the lyrics in our songs.” In this oxymoronic era of needing each other so badly, yet having to stay apart for the safety of our loved ones, this album voices the views of these young women, in a reaffirming way to their audience, you’re not the only one.

On All Fours, vocally illustrates their views to their fellow millennials’ rationale. Comforting their feelings on the emotional roller-coaster we’ve been going through, Together, Alone.

Fed up with the status quo, homelessness, the monarchy, politicians and all those who are completely obtuse to understanding the needs of people around them. Frustrated, in the midst of a social revolution, unexpectedly being locked in our homes and forbidden to do the one thing we so fundamentally need, as humans. Frustrated, is definitely a word we can all agree on. Goat Girl’s second album On All Fours completely and naturally, expresses the fearful inner thoughts of our generation. This creative baby, was another opportunity to broaden their creative process as artists, mixing their skill set up, “we all took turns this time round, with the writing especially which was a new experience, but it was a very collaborative process in the sense that one of us would come up with a chorus or a verse, which allowed us to dabble about. Lottie played some bass, Ellie played some keys, and so did I,” says Rosie.

Once Again, in a lockdown, this album encompasses this communal feeling of being in a constant time loop, we’ve unwittingly been forced into. On All Fours was created in 2019, with the allowance of tweaking and perfecting over 2020, no one would be able to foretell how it would go.

This tongue and cheek title, hilariously plays on words for the many situations facing us these days, be it from society to politics. However, as Ellie thinks back to just after the completion of the album “we were in the studio flicking through some books seeking inspiration for the title and we came across one by Giles Govier that helped us draw meaning, especially in relation toward the animalistic side, the power struggle and dominance we face today.
Also, I love the idea of someone on the radio saying ‘On All Fours’,” Holly, cheekily remarks.

This is a harmonious, post-punk melody to their public’s inconvenience that’s a direct ramification of the aforementioned man. This album is well worth the listen, if not for its playground of lyricism, teaming that up with the honeyed transfer to a place of musical hypnotism and acknowledgement of the inadequacy of our current day society, On All Fours motions the listener to never be fearful of what you are feeling, chances are you’re not alone, go forth and voice it and that will pave the way to a change everyone so desperately needs.
Once again proving they ARE harmless because they are not men, instead helpful and intuitive too because they are women. And, you can end it with an A-men.

On All Fours is out now via Rough Trade Records on vinyl and cd – order here, and on all the usual digital streaming and download platforms.

Article by Kimaya Cabrina
Cover photograph by Holly Whitaker

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