Single Review: A. Sinclair – Evening Light

The first single off of A. Sinclair’s third full-length album, Sunshine Ghost, has been released this week.

In a first for the artist all parts that have been written, played, and tracked have been done so by Aaron Sinclair in his own home due to Coronavirus restrictions. The track was recorded in Sinclair’s daughter’s room at home during the pandemic lockdowns over the summer of 2020, adding a unique warmth and comfort to the indie single.

The single is about being happy with the little things in your life and finding the good in your surroundings. Especially in the context of the track being recorded at home in a global pandemic, this uplifting and homegrown record emulates tones of appreciation and love for one’s family and environment that is incredibly special in the modern world.

The song was described by Sinclair himself, saying: “Evening Light is about figuring out what makes us happy…whatever we can hold onto to keep some sort of sanity in the current climate. Small things add up if you let them, good or bad. This is the first time that I played and tracked everything at my house.”

With a mix of rich folk and indie tones and a hint of soft Americana rock, Evening Light transports you to feel the warmth of an Austin, Texas sunset and the evening summer’s breeze as you listen.

Their third full-length album, which is expected to host more of this enriching sound, Sunshine Ghost, is out 26th March 2021 courtesy of Mr Pink Records.

Review by Caitlin Parr

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