Playlist: Dead Horse share the influences behind new single ‘Creeper’

Mask-wearing London garage punks Dead Horse today unveiled ‘Creeper’, the latest cut from their debut EP I. The swampy horror-punk stomp is backed by a suitably murky animated video by Roger Valentine that voyages into the digestive system of a green-skinned man eater.

We asked the band to share some of the influences behind the song and the other tracks on the EP and they put together this playlist to aid our journey into their creative psyche.

  1. The Meteors – Get Off My Cloud.
    Kevin Lennon (vocals/bass): Always loved this macabre cover of The Stones. I was given a copy of In Heaven in my early teens and it blew my mind as not anything like any of the indie trash which was mainstream at the time. Although I never got into much other psychobilly this definitely sent me down path to explore 50s rockabilly which has remained a big influence on my guitar play styles to this day.
  2. The Gun Club – Sex Beat
    KL: Just one of my all time favourite songs from a near perfect album which has definitely been a big influence. “We can fuck forever but you will never get my soul” its just an all round karaoke sing along classic.
  3. The Stranglers – Nice ‘N’ Sleazy
    Duncan Clark (drums): There are so many reasons to love them, not least JJ Burnel’s bass tones, which are frankly vomit inducing. For me as a drummer Jet Black was a huge influence. He taught me the power in a straight beat with very few fills. Nobody does that better than him. This one is a good match for ‘Creeper’. Debauchery is always a joy in music, isn’t it?
  4. MC5 – Looking at You
    Josh Kemp (guitar): You can’t beat the originators! The sound of a bunch of angry, greasy, ex- hippies on amphetamines playing rock’n’roll. One of the albums I revisit the most from this era and always an inspiration. The guitar tone is godly and I never tire of that drum sound and all the crazy descending lead guitar parts. I also love that this song only has two chords, yet it’s always so thrilling.
  5. Mystery Lights – Someone Else Is in Control
    KL: A stonking descent from Peter Gunn-esque rhythm into psychedelic paranoia all wrapped up in under 2 minutes. Such an awesome band live and the first gig we went to as a band! Definitely the kind of garage psych sensibilities we strive to attain!
  6. Blurt – Empty Vessels
    KL: I discovered Blurt a couple of years back which sent down a rabbit hole of no wave sax punk noise delights. It is a glowing example of why when people tell you vocals are supposed to be clear in the mix with no effects that they are obviously lacking imagination and helps reassure my own nonsensical indecipherable ramblings.
  7. The Sonics – The Witch
    DC: I have no idea where or when I first heard them, but I was hooked. Think I listened to them and nobody else for six months straight. What’s not to love? Relentlessly aggressive. Super raw. It’s just great.
  8. Blue Oyster Cult – Hot Rails to Hell
    JK: Gotta love that cryptic weirdness of early BOC albums, while still being ridiculously catchy! Their first few albums sum up everything I love about that early 70s era. Great songwriting, heavy riffs, loads of noodly psych guitar parts, cool almost punk sounding vocals.
  9. The Castaways – Liar, Liar
    DC: Films were always a great way into music for me (although Tony Hawk Pro Skater had a big influence too). Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels came out when I was 10 and I fucking loved it, especially the soundtrack. I went out and bought Nuggets after that, which blew everything wide open.
  10. Voivod – Ravenous Medicine
    JK: A bit more metallic than what we play, but definitely an influence for me. Noisy sounding thrash/punk with loads of weird riffs!  I’m a big fan of their guitarist in particular who has a unique and creative style, with all those discordant, meandering riffs and lead parts that eventually seem to descend into chaos.

Introduction by Paul Maps

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