Occasionally a track comes into the Joyzine inbox, and you feel compelled to get it out to people as quickly as you can type some copy to cover it. So it was with the track ‘Disappearing’ by Low, which is taken from their forthcoming album HEY WHAT (out in September).

The track is pulsating gravel, a black hole with teeth and it vibrates with a primal energy that often threatens to engulf the beatific vocal line that counterpoints the grit. The visuals are also striking as they feature non-binary multi-disciplinary artist Dorian Wood. He has been an artist’s model for year and the video shows how he has carried on modelling in COVID-times by borrowing “a friend’s empty guest room and twice a week I would set up my laptop and lights and pose for three hours at a time. During these long stretches of time, I’d lose myself in thought while delivering poses that best showcased all this fat brown beauty. In my mind, I traveled to places and memories, and in the case of “Disappearing”, I not only visited the ocean in my mind, I became it”

How a band can sound this fresh after thirteen full albums spanning twenty-seven years, is a lesson to all budding musicians and I hope this conveys how arresting the track was from the first listen up until the last time I felt its gravitational pull just minutes ago.

HEY WHAT is released on 10 September, 2021 and you can pre-order it through Bandcamp or all good independent record stores including DRIFT

Review by Paul F Cook

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