‘Circles And Turns’, the new single by Lorcán slowly melds folk and ambient into a track that is one 808 rhythm away from being on a Café Del Mar compilation. The title perfectly reflects the eddies and currents that flow throughout, and Bristol-based Lorcán has created a wonderfully weightless track that you can listen to between meals with cloud-guitars that float past a simple drum machine pattern. The rich timbre of Lorcán’s voice is joined by the voice of his friend Ailsa Tully (who’s tracks ‘Parasite’ and ‘Greedy’ I have previously reviewed for Joyzine) and this brings a mellow zephyr to the track as her voice defies gravity to swoop in and out.

This could be from an alternative Wicker Man soundtrack or a glimpse into Lorcán’s REM sleep but either way I look forward to writing more about his music when the Sleepy City EP comes out this Autumn.

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Review by Paul F Cook

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