Tropical Fuck Storm have released ‘New Romeo Agent’ another track from their forthcoming album Deep States. Unlike the drunken party vibe of previous release ‘G.A.F.F.’, this track features a mellow, but warped, rumba beat with blown drums and jagged keyboards that contrast against the liquid-warmth of Erica Dunn’s voice.

Of the track Dunn says: “Our love & death tragedy-ballad kicks off in the aftermath of Octavia Butler’s short story Amnesty where a translator for the human race infiltrates an alien community Cold War Romeo agent style. Sent to collect secrets and glean intelligence, against all odds, the undercover spy falls in love. As our human/alien inamorates connect in an intimate new language, they decide to make a run for it. We glimpse an oasis of hope in defiance of the violence and backstabbery of their masters. We imagine a tropical island of romance in an icy sea devoid of solar warmth. We look back on the spinning wheel of progress and feel that all the desperation, despair and heartache of the past could finally be worth it for this moment, a conquest of love! A clock striking for a new age! But, they get murdered. The end”.

The video is a karaoke session from the other side of the mirror with costumes, and moves, from the dark corners of Funkadelic and Daft Punk. It’s a glorious riot of bleeding colours and budget sci-fi design that features acres of gold and silver lamé, all the sparkles, tin foil wrapped stage monitors and a weird and wonderful cast of characters including a bar tending Cthulhu, a disco ball man, a bucket-headed DJ and I haven’t seen this many capes outside a Rick Wakeman concert. If this is the kind of party TFS throw then I really need to blag an invite.

The scuffed aesthetic of Tropical Fuck Storm works as well on this space-ballad as it did on the woozy rap of ‘G.A.F.F.’ and ‘New Romeo Agent’ is another reason to be very excited about the release of Deep States on 20 August this year.

You can pre-order Deep States on digital, vinyl, CD and cassette from their Bandcamp page

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Review by Paul F Cook

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