As the sun starts to dodge behind the clouds and we head into the literal grey area between Summer and Autumn, you might be in need of a slice of sunshine to brighten an overcast sky. Cue the blazing sunshine bursting forth from Lunar Vacation’s new release ‘Mold’ which is out to promote their forthcoming album Inside Every Fig Is A Dead Wasp.

‘Mold’ is a gentle giant of a track with a calm beginning that that gives way to a blast of big riffs and a swooping arc of a chorus that has kilowatts of fun coursing through its pop-veins. The video, directed by Rachael Rios Rehm, is glorious confection of bold colours in a jelly and ice cream fever dream with cactus greens, lemon yellows, hot pinks and cherry reds popping vividly from set pieces like a flying-car-giant-hand, restaurant-cake and the band swimming about inside jelly.

So, pop on your sun hat, throw on some shades, slather yourself in sun cream before hitting play in order to soak up solar rays from Luna Vacation.

Lunar Vacation socials: Bandcamp (to pre-order the album which is out 29 October) | Twitter | Website | Instagram

Review by Paul F Cook

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