Video Interview: Daisy Coburn on new single ‘My Paradise’

We’ve crossed paths with Daisy Coburn plenty of times in the past as a member of Joyzine favourites Clever Thing, Bad for Lazarus and The Duke Spirit, but since last year’s sensational solo EP No Love (check out our interview with her about that release here), has been creating a place in our esteem that is all her own.

The follow up to that release, new single ‘My Paradise’, was released last week on Austerity Records and picks up where she left off with an eerily beautiful track that unsettles just as much as it enchants. Composed of shimmering vibraphone, smoky whisps of synth, a slithering bassline and Daisy’s otherworldly vocal the track steeps to a paradoxically ominous and beguiling brew, bringing to mind the raw, too close for comfort atmospherics of PJ Harvey’s recent albums, or the swampier end of Cocorosie (and perhaps more precisely Bianca Cassidy’s haunting C.I.A. work). It’s well worth the investment of three and a half minutes of your time (and the subsequent hours that you’ll spend listening over and over) and we can’t wait to hear what comes next.

John Clay caught up with Daisy for the first in a series of mini-interviews about the new track.

‘My Paradise’ is out now on Austerity Records – listen on Spotify

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Interview by John Clay:
Introduction by Paul Maps
Photograph by Natalie Kerr

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