Single Review: Thom Yorke – Creep (Very 2021 RMX)

The 1992 Radiohead hit ‘Creep’ filled the void for the hopeless romantics and alternative music audiences across the world, but the 2021 remix seems like something truly out of this world.

Radiohead’s lead singer Thom Yorke has re-released their most popular ballad as a ‘Very 2021 RMX’ and it certainly lives up to its name.

The nine-minute-long remix plunges into the mysterious undertones that were already ground-breaking in the original song, drawn out syllables in unexpected registers and pitches. While it could quite possibly be the soundtrack to an asylum-based video game, the song is eerily reminiscent of psychedelic space rock genre rather than its original grunge roots.

Fans of the band have been hard-pressed to see a live performance of this song since its original release, mainly accredited to the fact that it became so popular so quickly that Radiohead were being forced to play it at almost every following show. This remix has given fans some hope that the world-class melodrama will see the stage again, and the ‘Very 2021’ version has exacerbated the true emotion and drama meaning within the song itself.

Aside from this, the remix has been seen by many as a perfect fit for the times we are living in, which is quite likely the motivation behind the name. The sounds warp and wane, slowly building up and fleeting at the same time which sounds concerning at first but actually perfectly embodies the uncertainties we face today. Combining the original lyrics that every alternative 90s kid knew by heart with a slurry of reverb, synths and background acoustics that makes Pink Floyd’s The Wall look like a nursery rhyme.

For any 90s music fan it’s hard not to get excited at just the thought of a classic hit like ‘Creep’ being remixed into the 21st Century, and Thom Yorke has exceeded all expectations.

Not only did the remix bring new art for our ears, but also brought along new artwork by Japanese fashion designer Jun Takahashi, and to be honest nothing has embodied Radiohead’s attitude more than this.

‘Creep (Very 2021 RMX)’ is available now on all of the usual digital platforms.
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Review by Samantha Leathers

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