I guess if you live in Arizona then you are used to long straight roads that disappear off to the horizon, you have some V’s under the hood of your car, enough to fire yourself down the black top at speed, then you could do worse than having Ghost Woman as your travelling companion. If you fire up the hot rod’s 8-track and put on their new EP it will definitely add some extra velocity to your journey.

Lost Echo’s (sic) is the new three-track EP from Ghost woman and it’s packed full of rattlesnake venom, bourbon, a toothpick glued to one side of its mouth and will race you for pink slips. It has the delicious feeling that it’s been deliberately under-produced and then given a thin coat of road rash. There is a gritty excitement etched into all three songs with the opening track, ‘Demons’, harking back to the earthy power of The Kinks ‘You Really Got Me’, ‘Dead & Gone’ has the feel of an Unknown Mortal Orchestra doing Link Ray (with the addition of repeated sandblasts of drums throughout) and the closing track, ‘It Might Be Dress Day’, is a juddering instrumental of tremolo guitar and toms that could accompany a peyote-fuelled rite of passage on a starlit night in the desert.

Coruscating drums, bass and guitar will corrode your bodywork and fill your ears up with middle-of-nowhere gas station weirdness. The fact that Lost Echo’s was recorded at pace in a studio converted from abandoned farmhouse, and that band leader Evan Uschenko “grew up cashing guitar player cheques at the gas station after the banks had closed” seems to have marinaded the tracks. This is lo-fi on a high and it’s definitely one to buy.

You can order Lost Echo’s on Bandcamp and there is also a limited edition white/gold Splatter 7″ available.

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Review by Paul F Cook

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