Video Premiere: Time Cops – End of History

We like a good mystery here at Joyzine HQ, so you can imagine our intrigue when a track appeared in the inbox from what the message described as a ‘Lost Band Excavation Project’. It contained scant further information beyond a link to ‘End of History’, four minutes and twenty seconds of soaring guitars, cascading drums and euphoric double-tracked vocals that would have been more than enough to pique our interest even without the enigma of the band’s true identity.

Online searches proved fruitless, with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages throwing up no more than mere scraps that only served to deepen our confusion, so we went back to the source and hit reply on the message that had first led us down this rabbit hole. An agonising few days passed before we received a response, containing a video cut together from archive footage of rocket launches, 80s aerobics videos and military exercises, interspersed with grainy shots of an unidentified bearded figure wearing sunglasses; and this message for our readers:

“You may have forgotten us, we have not forgotten you…. sucked into the void, glitch in the simulation, our time is now. The end of history is coming.”

We have posted the video below and hope that the combined wits of the Joyzine readership can help us to untangle the riddle of Time Cops.

Delve further into the mystery of Time Cops on their Facebook / Instagram / Twitter
‘End of History’ is due for release on 24th September – pre-save on Spotify

Article by Paul Maps

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