Video Premiere: Telesonic 9000 – Information

Telesonic 9000 is the multi-media art project of drummer and producer Dominick Gray. Conceived in Berlin but now based in the US, the project sees Gray weave driving electronic music and spoken word samples with archived mid-century video footage to create a retro-futurist collage of sound and vision. “I wanted to mix the experiences of going to a concert and cinema at the same time,” Dom explains. “You can have the energy and emotion of what are normally separate experiences joined into one.”

A new Telesonic 9000 EP, Modern World, is in the pipeline. Themed around the early computer revolution and our lives in the modern techno-society, it draws on early pioneers of electronic music, creating propulsive, percussive tracks with elements of kosmische musik and post-punk that transmit the lost sense of optimism that was fuelled by the technological advances of post-war America.

The video for the EP’s first single “Information”, which we are delighted to give you an exclusive first watch of on Joyzine today, takes this theme even further with its visual montage of vintage tech, theme park rides and space flight, echoing an imagined technology-driven future utopia which never arrived.

Describing the track, Gray said “I wanted the forward moving feel of “Information” to embody the optimism and technicolor aesthetic of the early computer era. The punch card and oscillator imagery go hand in hand with the energy of our information age.”

“Information” is out now as a digital download via Bandcamp

Visit the Telesonic 9000 official website to find out more

Article by Paul Maps

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