Video Premiere: Nolan Potter – Music Is Dead

Nolan Potter’s recently released album Music Is Dead, out now on OSEES’ Castle Face Records, caused Joyzine’s Paul Cook to proclaim it “a slice of tie-died perfection” (read the full review here), and within the new video for its title track, there’s plenty to suggest he’s right.

The track is a smooth cocktail of lazy-sunshine psychedelia with organic, blurred-around-the-edges vintage production and it comes packaged with a nine-minute dive down a rabbit hole of dark, fantastical stop-frame wonder courtesy of director Taylor Browne, which gives a hearty nod to Terry Gilliam’s legendary Monty Python segments and the work of Czech film-maker Jan Švankmajer. Described as “a moral tale of greed and the loss of innocence,” the video was crafted entirely by hand using illuminated manuscripts from the British Museum and vintage magazines found at Half Price Books. The director would like to assure us that “No members of Nolan Potter’s Nightmare Band were harmed in the making of this video.

We’re delighted to bring you a first chance to watch it on Joyzine today.

The album Music Is Dead is out now on Castle Face Records. Get it now via Bandcamp.

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Article by Paul Maps

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