I always equate going through the music submissions we receive at Joyzine HQ as equating to panning for gold. We sift and sift and hope that every now and again something sparkles at us from the mud and gravel. That’s how I felt when I listened to ‘Lungs’ by DOSS, an instant shot of dopamine to fire up the post-Christmas brain.

It’s a downhill racer of a track with a propulsive-compulsive beat made up of a tighter-than-tight drum machine running underneath a light and dark collision of urgent slacker rap, angry shouting and punk-attack guitar and bass. It may seem an odd comparison, but it reminded me of the kind of crazy Busta Rhymes brings. I also listened to 2021’s ‘Redundant’ a menacing undulation of a track and worth checking out on Spotify.

DOSS is Glaswegian Sorley Mackay, his “wee solo project, recording and producing tunes in ma bedroom”, and if Lungs is anything to go by 2022 should be golden for Mackay.

DOSS socials: Instagram | Facebook

Review by Paul F Cook

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