Interview: Sofia Martins Gray of Starsha Lee on making the video for new single ‘Resting In Murder’

I’m more used to thinking in still images. I’m working on short-length videos but the still image dominates my modus operandi.

Sofia Martins Gray (Vocalist/Lyricist of Starsha Lee) 

Starsha Lee released their music video for ‘Resting in Murder’ last week. Time for this mini-interview to unearth a few facts about the making of it, right? 

What was the brief going into the making of the video?

Sofia: Nothing much, we needed a video, Crispin and I were in Portugal visiting my father, so I thought it was a good opportunity to film one.

How much communication takes place between you about translating your music into moving images?

Sofia: I was talking to a friend about this the other day, actually. The problem with videoclips is the fact there’s a song underneath the image, and the dialogue is between both. I can never escape from a lip sync really, I could I know, but I have to serve the song somehow. My videos are visibly homemade, low cost, it’s only me and a tripod. Sometimes I ask Crispin to set the tripod here and there, but that’s it. The image in movement has to be rhythmic, there’s a performance going on, so I use clumsy scene cutting to accentuate that. Also to accentuate the low cost of the video, I decided to embrace that instead of hiding it. This time the cat’s food bowls are on display. I didn’t move them from the shot. Neither the cats! My Nikita will star in another video after this one.

Do you think that your inability to escape use of the lip sync is due to your fierce relationship to your own songs?

Sofia: Also I’m addicted to performance, I just love doing it. Performative words sound even better!

There seem to be more moving shots in this video than you’ve previously used in the past. Was this a conscious decision and if so, why?

Sofia: I wanted to embrace the low cost of it, that contributes to that. Also the fact that I’m more used to thinking in still images. I’m working on short-length videos but the still image dominates my modus operandi.

Before we conclude this mini interview about your video I’d like to ask about your process. What techniques have you picked up in video creation that you specifically sought in order to create the images in this piece? Do you see yourself adapting more techniques in order to hone your craft?

Sofia: To be honest I don’t have any technique apart from seeing the performance in my head. I normally think of various still photos in a sequence, after that I set the tripod and go for it. I explore contrast a lot, this time I had my father’s university student cape as a prop! I needed something dark to accentuate my shadow.

I’m sure the few details here are enough for people to be incentivised to check out the video and potentially purchase the song. May it all go swimmingly.

‘Resting in Murder’ is out this Friday 4th March (via Bandcamp and other sharing platforms).

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Interview by John Clay:

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