‘moody’ is the new single from South London-based artist MYTBE and it’s a delicate song in waltz-time that shimmers with the tension of its subject matter; what MYTBE says “is about the human instinct of wanting to be loved, no matter the circumstance. Craving another’s affection; be it right or wrong. Ignoring all sense and your better judgement, to instead bask in the rose-tinted euphoria of new romance”

We are being given access to an intimate inner monologue filled with a gentle tension from the beautifully-awful ache of L’amour fou, and only a truly gifted artist can deliver a song that hangs solely on voice and guitar. MYTBE’s voice is softly tremulous with a hint of smoke, and it is as captivating as an exquisite antique; slightly worn, with a few cracks, but utterly beautiful. It makes sense that MYTBE is the daughter of a jazz musician as this that the song could easily float our from the stage of a jazz club at 2am, causing the audience to drift into a reverie and a few tears to drop into hard liquor.

It’s also worth checking out her previously releases including the wonderful spill out EP and I strongly believe that great things are on the horizon for MYTBE.

The video for ‘moody’ was directed by MYTBE, filmed by Tom La Motte, edited by Dan Alani and produced by Alice Veitch and features MYTBE with Barnie Preece.

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Review by Paul F Cook

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