Ennui’ is the debut single release from London-based band Quiet Tongues who morphed from Modra Luna during lockdown.

Singer and guitarist Seth was introduced to the word by a friend who was describing the feeling of their football team being 3-0 down 10 minutes into the game. He was taken by how one simple word could encompass such a complex emotion. This was eventually made its way into a song and the band say it’s about “using Ennui as a risky kind of coping mechanism. When something or someone is constantly dragging you down, the only way to cope is to care less and less until you don’t care at all. This state of being then feels like an accessory to your person and a necessity in everyday life

Quiet Tongues have managed to distil some of the sensation of ennui into this track and it rumbles along with a lightly menacing undertow coupled with a jagged funk edge before soaring in the chorus with meteor showers of slide guitar. ‘Ennui’ will be followed by another single later in the year.

Quiet Tongues are: Seth Tonkin (guitar and lead vocals), Jack Ewins (guitar and backing vocals), Daniel Nunan (bass and backing vocals), Domokos Wootsch (drums, and backing vocals).

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Ennui – Lyrics:

Ever seen the lights in someone’s eyes?

Fading away,

Fading away?

Glimmer and a spark that’s hard to describe

But we chase every day,

Chase every day

It’s dull to talk about it,

Don’t hang your head around it,

Around it.

Je Suis Ennui

My Accessory

Je Suis Ennui

My Necessity

Dreaming of a night come back to life,

Getting away,

Getting away.

Faint shimmer bright flash what a nice surprise

Are you losing your way?

Are you losing your way?

Nothing to think about dear

Blanked out no I don’t wanna be here,

Be here.

Je Suis Ennui

My Accessory

Je Suis Ennui

My Necessity

Review by Paul F Cook

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