Single Review: The Psychedelic Birthday Party – Picky Eaters

‘Picky Eaters’ is the latest song released by Netherlands-based band The Psychedelic Birthday Party on May 27th. “It’s an anthem for those who live and love through hardship, and find a deeper connection with each other in doing so.”, says the vocalist, Kevyn van der Linden.

The Psychedelic Birthday Party is an alternative-indie duo consisting of Kevyn van der Linden and Jeroen Verstappen. Their long-time friendship and love for cinematic atmospheres, dreamy rock, and melancholic indie have brought them together as a band.

Their new track explores elements of 90s alternative and melancholic indie. The lyrics have such sensitivity and bittersweet, “Picky eaters don’t come back here / To be loved in the dark is not for everyone”, as they dive into a heavy, yet deep topic – “a heart that carries many stones and roses”. It does picture the landscape of what it is above the process of only existing, blended with all its dark and light tones. “Time slows down for not a soul stranger / We are made of love”. The song personally gave me a scent of Sufjan Stevens on the lyrics part.

The music video was released on June 1st and directed by the upcoming Amsterdam-based director Sabrina Nijenhuis. The short movie shows a young family living in a fictional ‘in-between world’ where the love is being tested, starring Robbie Wallin, Barbara van Haver, Abby Reintjes, and Ella Derker.

As they are occasionally assisted by friends as guest musicians, the additional vocals are made by Vera Aben and the classical piano by Niels Verson.

‘Picky Eaters’ is out now – stream on Spotify

Find out more on The Psychedelic Birthday Party’s official website

Review by Lorena Cristea

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