Along with the exciting announcement by Sister Wives of a forthcoming album Y Gawres (a Welsh phrase that means ‘The Giantess’), comes a brand new single: ‘Greater Place’

From the slightly atonal guitar riff that opens the song to the repeated downward spiral of the keyboards and tom-tom heavy beat this is a giddy free-fall somewhere between elation and the fear of losing your footing. Given that the band visited a ruined mansion on the island of Anglesey in the early stages of recording it’s not surprising that their indie-folk-rock is infused with the kind of mystery you find in otherworldly places. Think Pat Benatar performing inside some standing stones.

Photograph by Laura Merrill

What a great portent of things to come and Y Gawres is released in October this year.  You can pre-order the download via Bandcamp or head to the Libertino Records site for some lush limited edition vinyl, CD and t-shirt options.

The video was created from found footage by Bobby Lee

Sister Wives socials: Twitter | Bandcamp | Facebook

Libertino Records are home to some of the best Welsh music around and include Adwaith, Accü, Bandicoot, MÊL, Los Blancos and SYBS on their roster.

Review by Paul F Cook

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