Hot on the heels of May’s ice-white single, ‘Eurovision 2004’, comes the spellcheck upsetting ‘time froze when i told you i love you’. The feeling of the song mirrors the moment in a relationship when, as Junodef say, “you’ve put your feelings in the hands of someone else and it feels like the world and everyone in it stops, and that moment as you’re waiting for a response stretches out for eternity and you’re left completely naked and powerless.”

That sense of time pausing is beautifully translated into the trancelike arrangement which builds from a gentle rolling drum pattern over which vocals swirl. The close harmonies are ear-tingling, the guitar bubbles and the string sounds slide like a bridge between being awake and asleep. It also has a chorus that’s feels like Penrose’s impossible staircase as it seems to go up and up and yet never get to its destination.

Junodef’s music can command the elemental forces of light and dark, easily travelling from gently undulating verses to blast-off choruses. ‘time froze when i told you i love you’ shows how they can not only navigate that fine line between rock and pop but also channel the soul of a poet.

It’s also worth noting that you can currently pick up Junodef’s entire digital discography on their Bandcamp page for a mere £15.20! I did.

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Cover photo by Keira Anee

Review by Paul F Cook

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