It’s a hot day in the UK and I have been sitting hoping the day would not get any hotter right up until I discovered one of my favourite acts, Brighton’s AK/DK, had remixed the Ibibio Sound Machine track ‘Protection From Evil’, and it’s a scorcher.

So, what could AK/DK bring to the remix table when Ibibio Sound Machine already have more grooves than a ploughed field (just think of the Numaesque groove of ‘Give Me A Reason’ or the tight funk of ’17 18 19’)? Well, “hold my coat” says AK/DK as they warm up their electronics and tighten the toms on their dual drum kits.

Whereas the original is a 115bpm dark-drone-funk, AK/DK have dialled this up to 130bpm which makes the chant of ‘Spiritual. Invisible. Protection from evil!” even more urgent as it skips like a stone over water balloon subbass and the scattered lasers of arpeggios and fruit machine bleeps and bloops that AK/DK control like the sonic auteurs they are.

This remix of ‘Protection From Evil’ is as danceable as a nightclub full of Riverdance fans body-popping on Red Bull and like all good remixes it keeps the DNA of the original even as it unlocks another boss level hidden in the song. It’s like boosting the colour on your TV or turning a Lexus into a flame-sided hotrod.

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Review by Paul F Cook

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