Live in Pictures: Dana Gavanski + Cornelia Murr at Rough Trade Bristol

On September 9th, Dana Gavanski played at Rough Trade, Bristol, with the support of Cornelia Murr. Throughout the sets there were lovely interactions between the singers and the crowd, Gavanski even stood with the audience to watch her support and lead the applause. Dana Gavanski had a three-piece band supporting her as she played songs from her two albums as well as a cover of ‘Strangers’ by the Kinks from her recently released EP. The concert had an overall lovely atmosphere shared by those on stage and off.

Find out more on Dana Gavanski’s official website

Words and Photography by Kai Wyeth

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Dana Gavanski

Cornelia Murr

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  1. Marvellous pictures taken of the gig here! Bristol really has a thriving music scene already – and it’s only going to get even bigger and better! .. It’s got a long way to go to match the likes of London (pretty much the hub of all) but is certainly on par with the Mancunians to the north west.

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