I reviewed Tom Emlyn’s debut solo album ‘News From Nowhere’ in June this year and in quick succession comes the much more laid back affair, ‘I’ve Seen You In Town’.

An extremely DIY approach has been adopted for this album, with Tom responsible for the vast majority of the work, as well as it’s recording. The list of instruments played, including a bunch of keys, sounds intriguing…

The first track, ‘Leaving Tomorrow’ is a gentle, melodic, hopeful opener. Almost upbeat… surely not? Ah, the next few tracks settle us into the more melancholic, daydreamy style I was expecting.

‘Reminder’ is a beautiful song, full of delicate vocals, indeed delicate feelings, and almost sounds improvised. A brave little track I love.

‘The Lucky Ones’ gives us more of the upbeat side of this album (and possibly the bunch of keys?). It’s a stand out track, as is ‘Out of Season’. This is Tom’s ‘Everyday is Like Sunday’ except with actual lived experience and a bit of a sea shanty vibe.

‘The Ballad of Tea Cosy Pete’ is the album’s first single, released in aid of a homeless charity. It tells the story of a rough sleeping local legend and poses some heartfelt questions about the lives of others and missed opportunities to understand them.

The final track is a sweeping beauty. ‘Please be instrumental‘ I said to myself. And it is. If anyone is making a film set in Wales, you need this track. Perfection.

I’ve Seen You In Town is out now on CD, cassette and digital download – order via Bandcamp 

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Review by Breige Cobane

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