I’m writing this review as I listen to the record for the first time. A novel idea (maybe that’s what we’re supposed to do?) Anyway the beautiful, gentle sonic waves of the opening track compelled me to do it.

Corntuth says “Decades in the future, at the end of mankind, a father leaves a data tape for his robot son. Like some analog synthesizers of the mid-80s, robot children are programmed via sequenced sound on magnetic cassette tapes. This father, an inventor, has composed a series of modules he thinks might make his robot son sentient.”

Could this album teach a machine to feel?

The tracks are simply numbered “E-001” to “E-007” and “F-001” to “F-004” following the pattern of Corntuth’s first two albums and allowing the listener to apply their own thoughts and feelings to the music. What does this one represent? What emotion does it convey? Why does it remind me of running? Catching the rain. Dreaming. Am I being too sentimental?

The last four tracks raise the game a little. F for Fullness. It’s funny how music that has been made artificially can make you think so much of nature.

Stream of consciousness ramblings over from me, I highly recommend listening all the way through. What do you think of? The final words belong to the artist. “I meant it as a kind of testament to the things you’d miss after the end of the world; the things you would want to pass on.

“Letters To My Robot Son” is released by Flow State Records on 4th November 2022. Check out Corntuth’s Bandcamp site here.

Review by Breige Cobane

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