Released on 4th November by French label Microqlima Records, the debut album from sibling duo Quasi Qui invites us to “dream big and open up our imaginations“. In the dystopian / utopian sci-fi reality they envisage, the earth “has split into two, and it’s up to you to hitch a ride on the parallel universe of your choosing“.

The album is a journey of two sides, with tracks joined by various scene setting interludes. ‘Terminal 5’, the fourth and most recent single taken from the album, will please fans of NZCA Lines and conveys all the excitement of walking through a cool, classy airport and boarding a jet for some adventure.

‘Gentle Squeeze’ then provides a little turbulence. Is this the right journey to be making? Will I survive? We’ve all thought it at some point.

“10 Years” declares that “what the world needs now is to fall in love“, and who could argue? Especially when the soundtrack is as good as this. Chilled electronic at its finest. “Epoch” asks “what’s it take to clear your head of all the things you’ve ever read, of all the trash that we collect?” It brings to mind a lot of things it would be nice to leave behind, opening ourselves up to new ideas.

“Mutants” definitely feels like we’re in the second half of the album and the beginning of some positive realisations. “You better speed up ’cause I’m changing form for the better“.

“Whole New Era” is five and a half minutes of danceable bliss, and we then begin our arrival with “Runway Lights” and “Final Descent.” Only you will know if you’ve chosen the right destination…

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Review by Breige Cobane

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