Single Review: Venus Grrrls- Aries

Aries is the latest single from Venus Grrls, which instantly drew me in with its title. Being into Astrology myself, I couldn’t help but be lured into the horoscope inspired title.

The song, although not specifically about Aries as such, totally embodies the attitude of the Fire sign Aries. Aries the song is full of fire, attitude and confidence. The song is in fact about a powerful woman, a celebration of women in their power. An ode to those women we all know, that have an aura about them, that scares and intrigues you at the same time. 

Aries starts with a slow build up but soon builds to an all out rock fuelled song with a bassline which will stick in your head for days. It’s hard to place a specific genre label on this song. But I would say there is a blend of gothic style melodic rock, which fans of bands like Lacuna Coil will love,however there is also an underlying grunginess mixed with alternative rock which for me makes the song a little more accessible and unique.

I love the feminist/riot grrrl ethos of this band and am so excited to hear more from them. This is one band I will be keeping on my radar.

Aries is available now on Bandcamp

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Review by Hayley Foster da Silva

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