Frayle are a doom-laden witchy rock proposition hailing from Cleveland, Ohio. Formed around the songwriting nucleus of Gwyn Strang and Sean Bilovecky (formerly of Disengage), the band take inspiration from the likes of Sleep, Portishead, Björk and Kyuss to create a “demonic insurrection; exhuming anger and sadness and channelling the energy of dead pasts through imposing guitar crunch and soul-stirring vocals”.

Gwyn’s whispered lyrics haunt intense low-tuned guitars to produce a wonderfully eerie soundscape, quite unlike that of any of their contemporaries. This is atmospheric and gothic stuff – one can almost inhale the dry ice whilst listening to their records.

‘All The Things I Was’ is lifted from the band’s second album, Skin & Sorrow, which was released in September by vinyl-only, independent label, Lay Bare Recordings in Europe and Aqualamb in the US.

The dramatic video sets a scene of Gwyn’s limp body being dragged across a forest floor by an assailant who appears to be about to dismantle her body with a scythe. Instead, the two are seen scrying for each other, Gwyn’s soul seemingly trapped in purgatory, before a resurrection ceremony is performed. Gwyn explains, “This song is a reminiscence of the things I was and the regrets I had. Any rebirth or transformation can be painful and often isn’t pretty or comfortable, but results in a more learned and wise self.”

Frayle will be playing shows across mainland Europe throughout November and, having performed at Damnation Festival in Manchester today, will headline their only UK club show this year on Sunday, 6th November, at London’s The Black Heart. Tickets available here.

Discover more of Frayle’s music on their Bandcamp page and follow them on Instagram and Facebook for updates.

Review by Mandy Bang @mandybang

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