‘May this fire burn forever’

As a total fan of music that rocks, or soothes, the soul, Fabrizio Brugnera has long been someone whose musical compositions I am magnetically drawn to. Therefore, the announcement of a new single was bound to create interest and I’m delighted to say that this new release is another fine example of his work. This time around, Fabrizio is joined by the beautiful vocals of Elvya. I asked him how the collaboration came about.

Fabrizio: “Elvya found me through my single ‘Blót’, she sent me a message after hearing it and loving it, showing willingness to work with me, after listening to her music I instantly connected with her style and interpretation, I knew a collaboration with her was going to work and be fun, musically speaking from the compositional aspect everything fell into place”.

For anyone unfamiliar with Fabrizio’s compositions, I would heartily recommend tracking down his single, ‘Blót’, released earlier this year and covered by Joyzine. For anyone wishing to learn more about Elvya, I would ask you to track down her impressive volume of work, especially her 2015 album, ‘Untold Stories’, which is stunning, as well as her 2022 single, ‘Traveler In Time’. ‘ I asked Fabrizio about this latest single, ‘May’ and how it came about. 

Fabrizio: ‘Everything started from a composition I created last year. It was an unreleased piece already fully arranged, born with the idea of being instrumental, but it was in standby because I felt like there was something missing. Elvya contributed to the composition by adding vocal lines. We then ‘ping pong’ the song back and forth until we had the structure and a final arrangement. ‘May’ is about treasuring nature and friendship in its purest form. Honouring the smallest miracles, such as the bees gathering honey or a wave crashing on the shore. Later on, the song breaks out into a party, a gathering of souls far and wide, to experience life together’.

So, is ‘May’ a solo project, or part of a larger idea for the future?

Fabrizio: ‘We certainly hope so! It was a tryout if we would function together, and I think we have our answer. Nothing is ruled out but at the same time we decided to take a measured approach from the beginning, basically we have been focusing on ‘May’, until now. Definitely, we are eager to create more music together in the future’.

And so to the new single, which begins with a gentle tribal drum rhythm and a soft string arrangement for eight bars, before Elvya’s sweet vocals join in. Initially, I was reminded of Mike Oldfield and his amazing partnerships with female vocalists, as the vocals and music blend so perfectly together – Fabrizio’s flawless orchestration combining with Elvya’s precise and atmospheric voice. Both music and vocals are very easy on the ears and immediately transport the listener to inner places of calm and tranquility. The acoustic harmony between the two very talented performers is spot on and Fabrizio’s production is pinpoint accurate, as ever.

As collaborations go, this really hits the mark and I’m very keen to see what else Fabrizio and Elvya can create in 2023.

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Article by Kevin J Milsom

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