Album Review: The Subways- Uncertain Joys

‘Uncertain Joys’ is the long awaited fifth album from Hertfordshire based band The Subways. The Subways is another of those bands that I got really into when they first come out, and then somehow lost my way and forgot about them until last year when they released the fabulous single from this album ‘Black Wax’. When I heard the song, I was reminded what a great band they are and jumped at the opportunity to review their new album.

As it turns out ‘Black Wax’ was a tiny glimpse of the magic that would be contained within this album. Straight from the get go, The Subways grab your attention with the fantastic riff on the opening track ‘You Kill My Cool’. ‘Love Waiting on You’ follows and the music takes a different turn as this song is pure pop perfection with a great melody and layered vocals. 

Title track ‘Uncertain Joys’ has ended up being my favourite song of the album, to my surprise after multiple listens, it’s this one that has been playing on repeat in my mind. The song has a slight 80’s glittery pop sound, and even includes a rap. The chorus “You’re happy and it’s not my business” has not left my head for days now.

By track 4, the mood turns a bit darker and rockier again with ‘Incantation’ with a supernatural sounding guitar riff that matches the lyrics “this is a witchcraft..make me a voodoo doll” then ends with manic screaming to create a perfect end to the song.

The Subways have clearly perfected sounds to match their lyrics, as ‘Lavender Amelie’ has a calm, sweet melody to match the scent of Lavender and ‘Fight’ has a drum beat that sounds like punches being thrown.

Overall ‘Uncertain Joys’ is the perfect blend of rock, pop, indie and even little touches of rap. The Subways are a band that are hard to find a comparison to, as they have their own distinctive sound. A real pick n’ mix of an album, but every treat is just as delicious whether sweet or sour.

You can catch The Subways on tour from the 19th January, you can find the dates here 

‘Uncertain Joys’ is available to buy now via Alcopop! Records through their Official Website

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Article by Hayley Foster da Silva

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