Cover of Dead Patron's EP 'I' - painting of a figure on it's hands and knees.

Track By Track: Dead Patrons guide us through their debut EP ‘I’

South London grim rock quartet Dead Patrons were amongst my favourite new musical discoveries of 2022, but with their line-up featuring members of Joyzine favourites Hot Sauce Pony, Les Futiles and Rhesus. The menacing bassy rumble of debut single ‘Lover’ led me to proclaim it “A dark and writhing creature… of gothic post-punk majesty”, and that sense of murky tension pervades the four tracks that join it on their debut EP as vocalist Paul Killengray snarls over Rob Good’s guttural bass, drummer Jaemi Zara-Hall’s rumbling toms and Ross Davies guitars that chime, soar and swoop down in swarms of fuzzy noise.

We caught up with singer Paul for a track by track guide to the new EP.

This was written pre lock down. Rob wrote the bass line to shut Paul up. Listening to this reminds us of our original drummer, great memories. 

Began as your typical noise track but ended up being a little more complicated. Jon Clayton and Terry Edwards helped to make this one become outstanding.

Just A Kiss
Was a turning point tune for us. It started as a really good, really heavy thing. But we found the idea of making drastic decisions on the fly, dramatically shifting the tone into softer and weirder territory, made us excited, made everything darker.
Kinda informed every tune we’ve written since.

Secret Photos
Is about being with someone who does not love you anymore. Ironically made the vocalist come back to the band after a few months diva break.

Is a girls name of Persian origin. This name means the color of fire. Again this was an early song revitalised by Kate Arnold‘s violin.

I EP is out now as a digital download via Bandcamp.

Find out more on Dead Patrons’ official website

Introduction by Paul Maps

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