Video Premiere: Dead Patrons – Just A Kiss (Live)

With members of Joyzine favourites Hot Sauce Pony, Les Futiles and Rhesus amongst their number, it’s hardly surprising that South London four piece Dead Patrons were one of my favourite new bands of 2022, and the release of their debut EP I at the end of January delivered on the promise of their early singles – a dark sinewy beast of a record, whose five tracks weave and swirl in a gothic post-punk mist.

Today we’re delighted to bring you an exclusive live video performance of ‘Just a Kiss’, the eight-minute behemoth that sits at the heart of the EP, recorded at Antenna Studios in Crystal Palace. Musically gentler and more melodic than its cohabitants it sees singer Paul Killengray’s snarl hushed, the sharp edges filed down as he sings of a tangled romance full of doubt, desire and confusion. The guitars chime where elsewhere they buzz and churn, joined by a mellifluous bassline, drums that rumble gently in the background and a rhythmic pulse of synth. The track floats along on a dreamy haze like some sort of twisted post-punk lullaby before a whispered vocal section is the signal for Ross Davies’ guitar to be let loose and everything gets louder and more uneasy with the repeated vocal refrain of “Can I walk with you?’.

Check out the video below and listen to the full EP on all of the usual streaming services here.

I EP is out now as a digital download via Bandcamp
Read singer Paul Killengray’s track by track guide to the EP here

Find out more on Dead Patrons’ official website

Introduction by Paul Maps

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