Beach Riot are back with a bang with their new single ‘Tramlines’. They caused me a near-hyperbolic meltdown when I reviewed their album Sub Atomic Party Cool but I’ve calmed down enough since September 2021 to be ready for their latest release.

The band say: “At first it seemed like a song about love, sharing love with someone special, and specifically that early stage full of crazy excitement. But when I started getting deeper into it there was more to it. The song is about escaping from a place of worry with someone you hold dear, with the feeling that you’re lucky to have each other, but it also brings the thought of knowing that there are other people out there that might never have that—especially those close to you.

It’s a fuzzed up rockslide of a track with a wall of guitars that bulldoze their way through the track, punctuated by front-and-centre hi-hat and the repeated howl of a guitar in distress. The song feels like a plane caught in heavy turbulence until the chorus which soars above the storm, floating majestically to the lyrics: “Go outside, for another long walk. Stay alive, we talk talk talk. Show your cards. And playing your part ‘cos my tramlines go straight to her heart“.

Welcome back Beach Riot! It’s like I hadn’t spotted my battery charge was at 2% but now I’m plugged into this track I’m back at 100%.

You can stream ‘Tramlines’ now and Sub Atomic Party Cool is available to buy from the Alcopop! website

The band will play a single release show on 24th February at Brighton Electric, with a London date TBA. Keep an eye on the band’s website for tickets.

Beach Riot socials: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Website

Review by Paul F Cook

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